Saturday, 25 August 2007

Good evening,

What a lovely day we've had today, the sun has shone again (thought we had seen the last of that for this year!).

The postie delivered my alphabet die set this morning yippee... and the free gift was a lovely little butterfly embossing folder, it was packaged beautifully. Both were wrapped individually in deep purple tissue paper, tied with organza ribbon with a little flower, nearly too pretty to open, but of course I had to, I wanted to PLAY!!! I managed to get 4 dies last night so they will turn up when we're away boohoo.... they'll be something to look forward to when I get home though!
This is the 'toe tapping' card I've made for my Auntie's birthday, looks like something she'd wear, I know I would!!

Not bad for a first attempt if I say so myself!!
I wasn't too pleased when Matthew came home saying not only was his friend from work popping round to collect his steamer, but he had invited himself, girlfriend and little boy round for tea. I wasn't too chuffed, but we had take-away so at least I didn't have the bother of doing tea. In all we had quite a nice afternoon/night, the last time they came their little boy must've only been a couple of months old, he's now 14 months, so it's not something we do on a regular basis.
Got to go shopping tomorrow get myself a new mobile phone, mine didn't take too kindly to being dropped into a potty of wee. Yep Hollie had just done one in her potty and before I could empty it she had gotten hold of my phone and accidently dropped it straight into the potty, mmmm.... lovely, tried to dry it out over night but to no success it's absolutely dead. Ah well another toy to play with!

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