Thursday, 14 August 2008

Going for a spin

Lillie my eldest had a sleepover at nannie and grandads last night so Hollie decided she would like to sleep in Lillie's bed. Bless her I heard her wake up this morning and call Lillie's name, then heard the stair gate open and she went down stairs looking and calling for her, she then came back upstairs into my room all upset and said 'I can't find Lillie' it was so sweet. They fight like cat and dog but when they are being nice and lovey with each other it's adorable.
I haven't made any cards today but painted a couple of images to use, I gave Hollie the Sugar Nellie, Elisabeth Bell designed Going for a Spin image that hadn't quite stamped correctly and asked her to colour it nicely so that she could make a card for Lillie to tell her she had missed her. I was very impressed with her colouring it's the neatest she has done so far, she's only 3 1/2! I then cut her a couple of pieces of paper and she chose a zig zag strip and worded sticker from an old scrapbook kit I have, she did all of the sticking and positioning herself, I am going to enter this on the Crafty Monkeys challenge blog for under 16's
Lillie came back after tea and Hollie excitedly gave her the card which she loved. and would you believe it, whilst at nannie and grandad's she learnt how to ride a bike without the stabelizers on!!! I've been saying our mission this school holiday is to get her riding a 2 wheeler berfore she goes back to school and everytime we mention it she would throw a hissy fit saying 'no, no, no, I am not having the stabelizers taken off, ever!'. so when I left mum and dad's yesterday I said you can get her riding the bike, and low and behold they did, mum said it only took a matter of minutes!! She is sooooooo..... happy and gave us a demonstration with a beaming smile on her face. Next mission is tying shoes laces, as she has got to learn to tie the laces on her tap shoes!!
I've told her she'll have to write to Father Christmas now and ask him for a new bike with a bell of course!


Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Tell Holly her card is beautiful, I love her colouring and am sure Lillie must have really loved it. Well done Lillie on riding your bike without your stabelzers too! Hugs, Nikki x

nessy said...

what a fantastic card ~ holly is so clever ~ i`m sure father xmas will be listening!!
vanessa xx

COCO said...

félicitation !!!!
beautiful card !!!

SCRAP DIDI said...

beautiful card !!

Zoe said...

Beautiful card hollie . I love the cute image and well done to lillie riding her bike without stabelizers.

Becky said...

What a gorgeous card Hollie has made, and well done Lillie for learning to ride her bike, they're such angels, I almost can't believe they fight lol!!
Love Becky xx

Hannah said...

wow fab card hollie i love it it is very colourful.thanks for joining in with our challenge.

Kate T said...

awww really cute cards, well done! and weldone for learning the bike.
hugs Kate x