Sunday, 17 January 2010

Birthday girl and party pics!

It was my eldests 7th birthday yesterday, where does the time go? Here she is with her very own digital cameraunfortunately she could only take a few piccies before the batteries run dry! Us bad parents hadn't checked the size of the batteries needed and assumed they were AA's which I had already charging up in my charger ooppss..... no her camera needs AAA's!!!!
We had a joint party for her and Hollie as with Hollie's birthday being 2 days before christmas you can't really do anything. We hired the hall and booked a disco for them. Everyone had the most enjoyable time, the disco was fab they kept the children entertained from start to finish, and as you can see from the piccie below the snow machine's went down brilliantly (as if we hadn't seen enough snow, but at least this wasn't cold not dangerous!!)
this next piccie is of my mum demonstrating to the children how to do the YMCA not sure which one of the village people she was meant to be lol!! There were 5 other mums dressed up with hats, glasses etc so glad I didn't get roped into that one!!!
and the party girls with their not so exciting cakes! My mum said they were the only disappointing part of the party! I really should've made them myself but the time and will to do them wasn't there! I had made tray bakes and iced them topped off with jelly tots which we cut and wrapped for the children to take home, as there was no way we would get 20 out of each cake! We did hot dogs and chips with jelly and strawberry whip for dessert and it was very successful, see working in a school kitchen came in handy lol, we had hardly any waste that you usually get with a buffet and it was a lot less work! (Perhaps hubby and I should set up a children party catering company lol!!)
within about half an hour of getting home this was my baby girl sound asleep on the settee! Bless her she had been poorly the day before, I was up with her on and off all night, she had such a temperature, a sore throat and a headache. So I made sure she had all of the doses of medicine that she could have throughout the day in the hope that she would be feeling a bit better for the party. I was so pleased when she got up feeling a lot perkier but still said she had a bit of a headache, but she had fun at the party and danced and joined in with her friends which was a huge relief! Bless her I think it exhausted her though! She's fine today!
So that was it, the once feared party was a big success, in my nephew's words "it was the best party I have ever been to!" and he's been to a LOT of parties!!! He said his best part was when the balloons came down! Matthew and his dad had made a make shift balloon net and we filled it with 160 balloons which I must've blown 100 of up and the net release worked a treat!
Perhaps we'll do it all again someday! When Lillie turns 18 lol!!!

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Sally said...

Awww, what a lovely birthday party. I certainly hope you are scrapbooking and journaling all of this for your girls. They will be over the moon to go back and ready about it when they are older. FABULOUS