Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day everyone

This morning my eldest nipped downstairs to get something before getting ready for school, she came back up whinging that she couldn't go to the toilet because Daddy had stuck something all over the doorway and she couldn't get through!!!!
I headed downstairs to find, starting on the stairs a newspaper heart trail, which led down the hallway
to the kitchen, where the first garland hung (Lillie posing in the background!) 
there were hearts all over the floor! 
the offending garland (which Lillie couldn't get through!) 
a message on the worktop! 
along with another heart! 
there were also a few more in the downstairs loo and on the doors!!
Hadn't Daddy been a busy boy!?!

He's gone to work with the usual 'hidden' chocolate hearts and love bugs in his lunch box, along with a card and Valentine's cupcake which I made yesterday afternoon!

We've bought each other token gifts which we'll open later, we are also going out for a meal.

Hope you are being spoilt to!

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Aussie Loz said...

oh, so sweet! mush better than any packaged gift! you lucky girl ♥