Thursday, 3 March 2011

Chairsma Cardz - Four Legged Friends

Good morning, I am full of cold, my nose is constantly dripping like a tap and I feel pretty crappy, but life goes on and -
We have a new challenge over at Charisma Cardz and this week the theme of Four Legged Friends was chosen by yours truly!
I used a freebie download image from SJ's Little Musings which was pre-coloured, I just pinked up the ears a little more.
We have some fabby prizes and the girls have made wonderful examples so please go check them out.

I had to pick Lillie up from school yesterday as she was apparantly 'unwell', but was fine once home.  She does have that annoying dry cough that once you get it you can't get rid of it for ages, which is in turn pulling on her tummy and making that ache.  But I have sent her in today despite floods of tears, some might say cruel i.e. my mum but she has done this twice before, once with me having to apologise and have the day off of work only for her to get home and be fine and want to eat all afternoon!!  After telling her if she had a problem at school she should tell someone, she said she 'hated school and didn't want to go', it seems that being World Book Day her class are reading to some of the younger children and the last time they did this she was paired up with a boy who constantly hit her despite a teacher sitting near them!  I've had a word with her TA and they are going to keep an eye on her and see how it goes.
Oh the fun of being a parent!
Right off to blow my nose!  Lol!!!

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