Monday, 15 August 2011

Laptop has gone of to laptop hospital!

I have a very poorly laptop!!
Anyone that knows me will know that not being able to access the wonderful worldwide web is devestating!!!  My laptop decided not to co-operate with me last Monday, my sis-in-law who's a bit of a whizz with the old computers had a look and it took her 2 hours to try to get it to switch on!!!!!
Luckily I never cancelled the cover they talked me into taking out when I bought it, so I gave them a ring and with no success trying to fix things over the phone, my poorly laptop was picked up on Saturday and taken off to laptop hospital!!!  I should hopefully get it back in good health on Saturday.  They seem to think it's the hard drive that has gone and will need replacing!
Which means I have LOST everything I had on there, all my photo's (thankfully saved them to usb stick/cd up til March '11), favourites and worst of all, ALL OF MY CARDMAKING IMAGES which I had saved up and used some of quite regularly.  This is soooooo gutting because a lot of them were free downloads which will no longer be available boo...hoo......  serves me right for not saving them........
Anyhow hope to be back soon.
Apologies to the girls at A Spoon Full of Sugar and Charisma Cardz whom I have let down by not being able to send in my DT cards.


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