Thursday, 1 March 2012

My poor laptop is poorly again, and has gone on holiday to have a new hard drive fitted (I think that makes it the second in a year!).  I must overwork the poor thing lol!!!!  A week without it, what will I do?  If I get severe withdrawal symptoms I'll just have to stoke up my old desktop but will need to switch that on in the morning just so that I can use it that evening, yes it's that slow!  So I'll see you all in a weeks time!
Don't forget there's a new challenge on over at Charisma Cardz, so why not check that out and have a go?  I'll be honest I bottled out this week, first time I've done that, but masking and using 3 different stamped images scared me big time, suppose I should've given it a go, but honestly haven't inked up any of my stamps for weeks, maybe even months, I'm seriously considering having a big sort out and selling off a lot of my crafty goodies because I just don't have the mojo for it like I used to.

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