Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Get Well Soon pictures by my girls

Hubby's mum is very poorly at the moment, she is not only fighting secondary cancer for which she has started aggressive chemo for, she has also got fluid on her lung which is effecting her breathing badly.  She was taken into hospital at the weekend as her breathing had gotten so bad.
She had 1 lung operated on a year or so ago and now it's the other that's filling up, therefore needing the same operation doing on this one, but with having the chemo they can't do it at the moment as her bloods are all over the place.  It's so sad to know she is in so much discomfort.  Matthew went to see her on Monday evening and said she looked a poor thing lying in bed with an oxygen mask on.  We are keeping everything crossed that she can fight this again (she got over breast cancer a few years ago).
The girls made pictures for daddy to take to nannie, I thought I would share them with you :
Lillie made a vase of flowers (as we weren't sure if you could take real ones to hospital yet or not)
and Hollie used some Beatrice Potter die-cuts that I have had for ages, she coloured the background scene and then used the die-cuts and stickers to finish off!

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