Monday, 10 September 2012

Back to school tears!!

Been having probs trying to upload pictures into my post, hence not posting for a while!  Don't know what I've done differently today but it seems to be working again!!  Bloomin technology lol!!
Thursday was 1st day back to school after the summer holidays, and as expected my youngest was in tears!  For some the holidays aren't long enough, but I think for her they are too long!  She gets used to being home, getting up when she wants, wearing what she wants, eating whenever, going out and about, and although I rraaaarr.... at them she gets used to being home with me.
Here's an unplanned photo but my fave of the back to school ones that I took.

and just look at that blotchy little face!!  the thing that makes this year worse is that her and her 2 bessie mates have all been split into different classes and all have new teachers, I do feel a bit sorry for them, but they can catch up at break and lunch time.
 just had to show you this picture, last day of the hols we went to the cinema and nipped into a couple of shops, now 'owls' are supposed to be the 'in' thing this season and yes I have my eye on a top (I'll be dropping hints for my birthday next month ;0) ) we found these wonderful hats in Primarni, if I didn't think that i would look like a wally in one I would have one myself!!!!!

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** Isa ** said...

Oh bless her, hope she is Ok now xxx School is no fun anyway much better to stay home and bake cakes with Mum!!!! xxx {{{BIG HUGS}}}