Wednesday, 24 October 2012

40th birthday celebrations

Well today it was/is my 40th birthday, do I feel any different? any older? actually no I don't, heh it's just another day!!  Some days I feel my age other days I feel about 80 lol!!!  
I've been thoroughly spoilt, lots of cards, money, delicious perfume from my lovely work girlies, more perfume, choccies (naughty for the diet, so will have to ration these!), clothes, a fabby purse with our dog on it so that he can be with me wherever I go, the list goes on...........
We went out for a family meal, it was lovely!  There was a balloon modeller in the restuarant he has got to be the best one we've seen, his creations are ace!  The kids asked for theirs and my sis asked him to make me something as it was my birthday, here's what I got!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the totally bazarre thing is why did he choose Minnie Mouse?  We're off to see the mouse herself really soon?!?!?
here are the other balloons he made for us, well except the 40 one!!
and here I am with hubs who made my birthday cake whilst I was at work!  The waitress brought the cake over asked me to stand up and then announced to the whole restaurant that it was my birthday and got everyone to sing to me, talk about embarrassed lol!!!
It truly has been a fabulous day xxxx

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