Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Woo hoo Lillie came out of school today and glee-fully told me she was going to be 'Mary' in their school nativity play, how excited was I. I have just told Matthew and he said "good ole girl" bless her, leading her class in the ballet show and now Mary we could have a star in the making LOL!!!
Well I've been piling the beads onto headpins again today ready to take with me tomorrow, I just hope there is somewhere I can work. I'm taking the findings to make 2 black bracelets and 2 black bag charms, 2 more bag charms and a bracelet, so if I get those done I will be happy. I also bought a magazine to read when we went to collect the chinese, yeah we didn't have to share it with the girls tonight as they are having a 'sleep over' at nannie and grandads! Mum won't sleep a wink as she watches them all night!! They shouldn't be too much trouble, Hollie has a bit of a cough and a cold, but she has taken her medicine and once she's asleep she's ok.
Well best get my beads packed away, and remind Matthew where his new pants are LOL and look forward to a really exciting morning sitting in the hospital.

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