Monday, 7 September 2009

First Day!

My baby girl is all grown up! Today is Hollie's first day at BIG school bless her she's really been looking forward to it. She was a good girl getting ready as was Lillie, but when I asked if I could do her hair she wouldn't let me as she had done it, I only wanted to tidy it up a little! In the end we did it and had time for a few piccie's in the garden, just as we had on Lillie's first day.
Here's my baby in her school uniform
a sweet little close up! and a piccie with her sister! (they are not always this loving towards each other!!!)They both went off with no trouble at all which is such a relief. Hollie only does until lunchtime this week and next week they introduce lunch and lunchtime play and then get picked up, then from the next week it's all day!
I wish I were picking her up to see how she got on, but mum is doing it and I will just have to wait until I pick her up, as today is a FIRST DAY FOR ME TO!! Yes I am going back to work for the first time in over 6 1/2 years oooooo...... I don't know whether to be excited or worried lol!! I'm working in a different schools canteen as a catering assistant, setting up, serving up and washing up! Perfect job with the school holidays etc just means I now only get holidays when the girls do and my crafting time has been cut down by over 11 hours per week OMG what am I going to do???................................. (think of the money!!!).


cats whiskers said...

Oh dear she looks so sweet and much tp small to go to school. hope she has a good day
Hugs Jacqui x

debby4000 said...

Oh what cute photos, hope they both have a great day at school and Good Luck with your new job.

Sally said...

Your girls are so beautiful. Good luck in your new job.