Sunday, 14 March 2010

A day with the Twiggles, Boggles and the Thorny Crocklebogs!!! Photo overload!!!

Well today started with pressies and cards from my girls, nothing crafty but then I didn't ask for anything! I got a musical mug, and apron, a nightie, a candle, handmade a bought cards and a day out!!
Yes for a long time now I have wanted to visit Bewilderwood which is near Wroxham, and as mum's got in free today being Mother's Day we thought as it was a nice day we would give it a look.
WARNING there are lots of piccies as I couldn't decide which to show, this is just a few of those that were taken!!!
The girls got to make a Mothers Day card and a flower, which they thoroughly enjoyed, I enjoyed making the flowers to lol!!
the girls with their finished cards!
The twiggles houses were wonderful, would've liked there to have been a lot more really! I want Matthew to makes us some for the garden!

This was fun!
building the den
Hollie thought the den was so comfy she went to sleep lol!
Lillie took this lovely piccie of me and hubby.
Matthew and Hollie hiding from Lillie who was taking pictures! It was the first time since their birthday party that she had used her camera that she got for her birthday, so she was taking pictures of anything and everything!!
OMG here is a piccie of me on one of the many climby things, the whole park is like this! So much fun for the kids, and quite fun for us oldies to!! We had just gone round and round and round the maze to try to get to the middle to come accross this bridge and out of the gate at the end!
I just loved this sign, it made me smile!
One of the many seats made from twigs and wood cut offs, they were all over, so clever, so simple to make if you have the imagination!
A pose from the girls!
This wall so reminded me of the sucker punch wall on the Saturday night Richard Hammond programme which's name I cannot remember!

That's it, thank goodness I hear you cry!! It really was a nice day out, helped by the nice weather, we had a few spots of rain after lunch, but when the sun was shining on you it was lovely and warm. The park was a little pricey, hence the reason we went today so one of us got in free, the only thing we wished that there had of been were some of the actual Twiggles and Boggles characters. But any child who loves to play would absolutely love it.
We called in at my mum and dad's on the way home, gave mum her pressies, and had a lovely turkey roast for tea. Just perfect!
All in all a good day!


Pretty-In-Ink said...

Fabulous pics Joanne! It looked like great fun! I really enjoyed this post thanks for sharing!

Tasha said...

WOW i so want to go there, its so me! lol and im sure my little one would love it lol!
Hope you got to relax too
love tasha xx