Sunday, 4 May 2008

A card and a cake!

My mojo seems to gone off course a bit the past few days, but I have just managed to put the following card together, using one of my latest batch of Sugar Nellie's
We've got Matthew's daughter here this weekend, it's her birthday on the 9th so yesterday we took her shopping to get some new clothes (as she never turns up with anything that fits properly, it's either too big or too small!), we really haven't got room for any more writing sets, games etc so thought this was a good idea. She can take most of them home as she's got a couple of holidays coming up and we'll keep a few here so we know she has got something decent if we go out anywhere. She goes back tonight so we thought she could have her things today, I made a cake (nothing spectacular) when I did my cake order this morning, it's got icing and sprinkles so the kids will love it, you can't really see from the picture but along with the hundreds and thousands there are some little candy animals, ducks, pigs etc we will add some candles at tea time.
Matthew has started putting the hallway partition up, so our bedroom has now shrunk!! I so can't wait for the new room/s to be ready, still can't find a duvet set I like, and until I do I can't work out my colour scheme. When we first moved in I knew every colour of every room, this one is proving more difficult, but my en-suite is beige/sand, we ordered the tiles yesterday, boy were they pricey and we picked the cheaper ones!! Matthew has just got back from delivering the cakes and going to pick up a new mobile phone, he bent over at work and would you believe dropped his mobile phone out of his overrall pocket into a sewer poo-ey!!! The phone no longer works but luckily his sim card is still ok so he hasn't lost all of his numbers!

Kitty is offering fab blog candy part of which is the choice of 4 Bella stamps, this is to celebrate her 20,000 hits
Michelle is also offering fab 'purple' blog candy to celebrate her 40,000 hits
Gina is offering (once again!) fab blog candy to celebrate her 10,000 hits
So why not pop over and take a look, and leave them a comment while you are there, congratulations girls!

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Michelle said...

Lovely card and cake Joanne. Thank you for entering my candy draw, good luck! x