Thursday, 29 May 2008

Nothing to show

Sorry nothing to show at the moment, it's not that I can't, I just haven't made anything! Yesterday I went shopping, mainly to the Range to stock up on backing papers, ribbons and anything else that grabbed my fancy! Took mum, dad and Hollie (youngest) along for the ride, Lillie had a play day round her friend Lily's, it's the first time she has been round a friends to play and she didn't come home until nearly 7, I dropped her off just after 9 and they had had a lovely time! It'll be my turn next OMG I can't cope with my 2 let alone another 1!!!

I did have a phone call late yesterday afternoon from the lady at the shop, she had been talking to a lady who is getting married, got onto cards and there is a possibility she would like 6 'thank you' cards for the bridesmaids. So I had to quickly make up some examples to take in this morning. When I got home there is a message on my answerphone to contact her, so I could have an order to do which will be good!
After we dropped the card examples in at the shop we went over to visit my friend, we took the boys birthday presents with us Luke's birthday was a couple of weeks ago and Adam's is in a couple of weeks, but with the distance and to-ing and fro-ing from nursery and school it's not really possibe during school time. It was nice to catch up, she is expecting her 3rd son early August so is blossoming nicely although she is dreading it!! I just wish she hadn't moved so far away, she was renting a house just up the road from ours when her marriage split up last year, but moved to be closer to her new partners family. Never mind, a good excuse for a day out!

I will have something to show tomorrow, I promise!

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