Friday, 2 May 2008

A not so happy card

My sister texted me yesterday to say that she had seen my friend in town and that her stepdad had died at the weekend, (don't know why she didn't txt me?), he had been suffering from cancer for quite some time and it was just a waiting game really. So today I made this sympathy card and popped it in the post to her mum, again I used sketch 8 from My Paper World, how I love that sketch!!!
and that's it no more cards! I just couldn't drum up the enthusiasm, I coloured an image and started another and no matter how many different papers I layed out nothing seemed to work.

Matthew is suffering from withdrawal symptoms, he was upset last night as the chap who lent him the forklift asked if he could have it back, so he has just had to load 'Linda' up and take her back!! I just don't know what he is going to do, any excuse and he had to use 'her' round the yard Lol...!!!!!
Hollie got into school ok this morning, put away her book bag, hung up her coat, self registered fine then as I tried to get her to do something like colour a picture she started to cling again, luckily I didn't have to stay many minutes as one of the other mums was staying to help and asked her if she would like to go with her which she did.
We picked Lillie up and went over to mum and dad's, Lillie wanted to do her flower arrangement for the church festival, my Aunite is one of the organizers, and mum has done a window for years, I think Lillie did an arrangement last year to. With mum's guidance her arrangement was done in minutes unfortunately I forgot to take my camera, but it looks nice, it's all done in rows, with greenery at the back then yellow roses, greenery, pink carnations, greenery, red roses, greenery then green carnations to finish. Perhaps she has inherited the flower arranging genes!!!


LazyKay said...

Beautiful card for such a sad occasion.


My Paper World said...

It's a beautiful card Joanne, I'm sorry that it's for a sad occasion. xx

Beth said...

Beautiful and simple - perfect for the occasion