Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Nice couple of days and tiger holes!!!!

On Sunday we went to Gulliver's Theme Park at Milton Keynes, we had been in June and were given vouchers to return on certain weekends for £5 entry. Little did we know at the time of deciding on a date that Peppa Pig would be paying a visit to the park, but heh Hollie has Peppa toys and likes to watch it on the tele so even better! We met up with friends although we really didn't spend that much time together. Whilst we were trying to get to see Peppa, their middle son was wanting a go on a ride, then we took packed lunch they ate there, then the girls wanted to dress up at the top of the castle Jack didn't!! It was very busy, when we went in June we didn't queue for anything, almost had the park to ourselves which made a big difference. We didn't get to see Peppa's show as the theatre's not that big and each time we went to queue up up to 1/2 hour before the show, people in front of us were being told not to bother as they wouldn't get in anyway. We weren't that bothered really but some people were furious as I guess they had purposely taken their children there to see her! However she did come out onto the balcony in Main Street and did a dance so the girls did get to see her, sort of!
So here she is
Princess Lillie with her certificate and the rules of being a princess, Hollie decided not to join in.Hollie and myself just about to get a soaking on the log flume!Lillie and daddy right at the front of the roller coaster, how brave!Yesterday we went to Woburn Safari Park as I had been sent a complimentary pass. The weather was nicer this time although lovely and warm in the sun but a bit chilly in the shade. We did the safari drive as soon as we arrived and got pretty close to the zebra's again, so pretty, then we parked up and had a wander round the rest of the park. We started at the monkey's, they climb the trees and run along the rope fences along the path, I missed it but Lillie burst into tears and I had no idea as to why, then Matthew said 1 of the monkey's jumped from one side of the path to the other in front of Lillie, then decided to do it again but this time using Lillie's head as a leap-pad Lol.!!!! Why didn't we have the video camera?? This could be the guilty monkey?Then the girls and big child Matthew had lots of fun on the Tree Tops action Trail. Where I took these pictures of the girls After lunch we went round the rest of the animals, had a train ride around part of the park, then let the girls have a while in the indoor play before 1 last drive around the safari before heading home.
Although not very clear this is Lillie and Hollie on one of the big slides, the red ones to the right are a sheer drop, the blue one has a bit of a drop then as you can see has the bump, the girls were afraid to have a go at first but then went for it and boy was it fast, needless to say they loved it and must've gone down it at least 6 times!
We spent ages watching these 3 monkey's especially the baby, he was so sweet and so very entertaining climbing and swinging on the pile of wood, so funny when it would get to the end of the branch then launch itself onto it's mum, tried so hard to get a piccie but didn't get 1.and just to finish off, we have tiger teeth holes in our back bumper!!! Yes we pulled up alongside the tiger thinking it would cross the road in front of us, but it looked at us then casually went behind the car then we felt the back of the car go down, Matthew was panicking thinking it was on the roof but we hadn't seen it get on, then the warden drove round to check what it was doing and it slowly walked out from behind the car. When we had left the park Matthew pulled up to have a look and his comment was "it's only bitten a f***ing hole in the bumper"!!!! 2 actually! the culprit!
That's it, hope I haven't bored you too much with my waffle and many pictures! Take into consideration I took 265 over the 2 days, I could've showed them all Lol..!!!!

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Joanne x


Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Hi Joanne, Thanks for the email today hun. Danni had a great day again and went straight in today.. no tears. She's loving it and comes out and tells me all her little stories. Looks like you've had a fab couple of days and love the pictures. Your girls are gorgeous, Hugs, Nikki x

Mel said...

You look like you've had a fab couple of days, lovely photo's ~ Mel

Donna said...

Great photos Joanne, looks like you all had a fab time :) Donna x

Becky said...

Oh Wow! Looks like a great time! And I love the life-size Peppa Pig!! Dylan would go mental if he saw her!!
Love Becky xx

Rach said...

Looks like you have had a good few days..lots of fun...(apart from the bite mark!)
hugs rachxx

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