Sunday, 7 September 2008

Rain rain go away!!

This was our front garden a couple of hours ago after one heck of a downpour
and the water running down the road like a river!this should be a path!we are very lucky and apart from a few puddles you wouldn't know it had happened. Sadly for some people that live in a bit of a dip just up the road from us the story is different and the fire services are there pumping water from their homes. How awful it must be for those that get hit a lot harder, I just can't begin to imagine it.

Couple of quick piccies to finish with, this is Lillie looking cool in her new specs! (won them at the party from the piniata (spelling?)
and being brave holding a small lizard (skeet I think the lady said!)
I held a bigger lizard (blue tongued skeet I think) and a parrot, but kept well away from the tarantula ugghhh.!!!!!
Last picture is of the quick card I made for the little girl whose party Lillie went to today, I don't have any Sarah Kay stamps so found some clipart images and printed them off! Now off to catch the 2nd half of Soccer Aid to watch Danny Jones from Mcfly bless him he is doing very well, hope they keep him on for the full 2nd half.

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