Saturday, 9 May 2009

It finally happened!!

Yes after a couple of weeks of wiggling, poking, prodding and a little bit of worry, my eldest daughter Lillie's first tooth came out!!!! I didn't believe her when she first said her tooth was wiggly, until I reluctantly gave it a wiggle myself! Lillie is a bit of a drama queen so we were expecting the whole process to be a trauma, but she was fine especially after we told her it was her new big tooth pushing out the old one so it could take it's place. I couldn't bare it when she kept asking me to look at it, how weird is that? Friday she came out of school and said "have you noticed anything mum" pulling down her bottom lip to reveal the hole! She was eating an apple at snack time and didn't realise it had come out until she saw it in her hand lol!!! Needless to say it went under her pillow and yes the tooth fairy did visit to which she was very pleased, but couldn't understand how the fairy being tiny could open the little organza bag and swap the tooth for money!! If only she knew that he was 6ft 5" male lol!!!I also wanted to share a couple of other piccies with you which were taken last weekend. It was my home village's church flower festival over the bank hol and my mum and Auntie's do their bit, my mum does the windows in the porch and last year Lillie did a little arrangement to. There is a small seat like hole (we used to sit in it when we were kids) so Lillie made her arrangement to fill the gap! She couldn't wait to do one again this year and get her name on the fliers and parish mag!! The theme this year was magazines, so here it isand then this really tickled me! The girls had been playing in the living room, then it was bath and bed time, I hadn't been in the room until we came down and saw thisYep Troy and Gabriella were enjoying a picnic!! By the looks of things their weather was a lot nicer than ours when we had our picnic at the farm park, all wrapped up in coats!!!

Have a good weekend!

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