Saturday, 2 May 2009

My new babies!

We went and picked up our new family additions yesterday afternoon! Yep after seeing the rabbits at the farm last bank holiday I decided that I wanted a or a couple of bunnies myself, I had bunnies for years when I was younger.
These are Netherland dwarf pure breeds which apparantly everyone wants, I think it's because they stay small.
So here are Bam (r) and Vito (l). Bam is named after one of my dream men Bam Margera (of Jackass, Viva la Bam etc)!! Oh I just love him, the way he looks, dresses etc maybe not the way he wrecks everything in sight but everyone has flaws right!? Now although I don't like his uncle Don Vito (he's a major slob, just plain awful!) when I got the bunnies out for the first time Bam is small the other was quite a bit bigger, so we called him Vito!!! (for now anyway!) Phil after Bam's dad just didn't sound right, neither did Margera!!!
A close up of sweet little Bam, and Vito laid out on my hand, he is so chilled!!Aren't they just the cutest!?! We just loved their 'war paint' the minute we saw them!


Dazie said...

Oh my goodness they are the cutest bundles of fluff!!!

Congratulations on your 2 little bunnies!

Bunny-Zoe's Blog said...

Oh they are just the cutest, Awww your girls must love their new bunnies, Have a great weekend, Big Hugs, Nikki x

Sally said...

They certainly are two cute bundles of fluff!

Danni said...

Awww, they are so sweet!

crafting diva said...

Oh Joanne they are so cute you make me want one I had rabbits when I was younger and they are a wonderful pet to have they look so sweet!!!! Your Girls must love them!!

Softpencil said...

They´re the cutest bunnies of the world! I love them! You´re lucky :)