Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Day's out photo's = picture overload!!!!!

We've been having some lovely days out this summer holiday, so thought I would have a bit of a photo share of a few of our favourite days!
On Monday (bank hol) we went to the Village at War event at Gressenhall Farm and Workhouse museum of Norfolk. The setting was the 1940's WW2 with original vehicles, costume, make-up, hair, games etc. We had to carry ID cards incase we were asked to show them by the home guard patrol, luckily we didn't get caught by the drill sergent!! The girls really liked being able to exchange their ration books for some sweets! It was all very Dad's Army! Here are the girls getting their cards stamped by one of the soldiers!Here is my baby girl, she should be putting on her lippy nicely, but is looking more like a clown bless her!! You can't see it from this piccie but she actually has her curler in and her scarf on (see below pics!)
I was pretty impressed with hubbies photography (trying to be a bit arty!) here am I having my victory roll hair do done!
I just adore this piccie of Lillie, I think she looks stunning! -even with curler and scarf!
and here's my adorable baby Hollie!
My favourite picture of the day!
One of me and my girls.
Last week we had hubby's daughter with us, one day we went to Hunstanton! It was a beautiful day!! lol!!! V. cold and wet!
We had already planned to go to the sealife/seal sanctuary centre, but boy is it expensive for what it is! Look at this cute little face!
Friday we went to visit the in-laws who live in Trimmingham nr Cromer, the weather was a bit nicer although still windy!
playing in the waves.
My beauty! The bottom tooth fell out in the week! 2 days later one at the top fell out when she was brushing them before bed, and there's another wobby one still to come out!!!Little cutie!
We also went to my Auntie and Uncle's swimming, here's my little rotter shooting at me with a water pistol!
and finally, and actually our first day out last week, we went to Gullivers land at Milton Keynes. We hadn't been in the park long when the girls had their photo taken with Diego -Dora's sidekick! We were too busy to see Dora!!We just love this cinderella carriage at the top of the castle!
The girls got to dress up at the Fairytale Acadamy, and take the pledge to become fully fledged fairies and princesses!
and finally the girls with some of the Gullivers characters during the end of day parade!
So the holidays are almost over, going to cram in a couple more days out and then it's back to the ol' school/work routine! Am already thinking about the October half term lol as it'll be my birthday!!!
Enjoy what's left of the holidays, and if you get chance go check out the Charisma Cardz challenge, I'm on DT hols this week!

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