Monday, 17 January 2011

My big girl is 8!

8 years ago I was still in hospital in a lot of pain after having had a c-section, yes my first baby turned an unbelievable 8 yesterday.  Here she is modelling her not so small badge!
she kinda knew she was getting a new bike as she was there when we chose and paid for it, but when it wasn't in the room and she couldn't find it in the garage she wasn't so sure she had got one lol!!   
when we went to the Pizzahut on Hollie's birthday she decided that we could all go back there for her birthday!! 
here she is with a whopping slice of pizza!!  This is after she had eaten her meal and polished off her cousins leftovers!!! 
she wasn't aware that we had asked her best friend to come round for a while and then come out with us for tea, so that was a lovely surprise for her.  I've been having a little play with some photo's today, here's a poloroid look of the BFF's!!!  (If I heard that once I heard that said at least half a dozen times lol!!) 
and I had a little play with one of me a hubby!  You might need your sunglasses!! 

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