Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Woo Hoo I got the 'star' letter in Cardmaking and Papercraft!!!!

Please if you have seen my crafty mojo could you tell it to come back?
I was thrilled to bits when I opened up an email at the beginning of the week which went a little something like this "strange request but one of our readers contacted us in regards to your 'shoes' as printed on our letters page, she wondered if there was any chance of having a copy of the template as she doesn't have the internet!".  Well that was the first I knew that my 'shoe' was in the mag!  Of course I obliged why wouldn't I, it wasn't my property I came accross it whilst blog hopping!  Imagine my surprise when I bought a copy of the mag the next day only to find out mine was the STAR letter!!!  Woo Hoo £50 or crafty goodies heading my way!  Just hope my mojo turns up with the prize lol!!!!
Here is the article in the mag. it's issue 87!
In the end the idea I had in mind for the men didn't work out, so I made them holographic boxes and put their choccies inside, tied them with a ribbon and added a puffy sticker from Poundland!! 
 Oh and we only had my parents round for christmas lunch!
Sadly we were all (except dad) were ill, hubby got the cold/flu christmas eve, mine came on late christmas day afternoon, mum came down with it on boxing day and the girls were still suffering from symptoms since they broke up from school!!  So not a great festive season for us really, but it was nice just all being together even if we didn't get up to a lot!

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