Sunday, 26 June 2011

A new dress, therefore new necklace and bracelets!!!!

A while ago with only Hollie home as Lillie was having a much loved sleepover at Nannie and Grandads, I decided that Hollie could have a bit of a fashion show!!  It was a way of getting her to try on her new out-fits without the fuss!
Here she is in the new dress that Nannie bought her.
Now pretty as it is I thought it needed something around the neck as this was a little bit scooped, so I set to work with some beads and ribbon.
Below are the necklaces that I made, both slightly different.
close up of the beads

beads close up
Then not happy with leaving it at necklaces I made them bracelets to!!!
Minus the ribbon but with the addition of a large red bead!
and different again, 2 this time bringing the red in with the individual sead bead bracelet!
The bracelets are highly addictive and so so easy to make, so will be making plenty more.  Bonus is you can make them to what ever size you like, as I find some shop bought bracelets are so tight if worn they cut of the circulation!!

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Vee said...

Oh!! Joanne you are so creative. These a gorgeous. My friend has a problem with bracelets too and has taken to making her own. I have an award to pass on to you if you would like to pop over to my blog and pick it up
xx Vee