Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Ooppss A Spoon Full of Sugar - 155 Here Comes Summer

Ooppss sorry for the long delay today in posting my card for the latest A Spoon Full of Sugar challenge.  It's been a busy old day which has been spent mainly between the 2 schools in town!  Yes it was the girls sports day today and with them being in Key Stages 1 & 2 meant one was in the morning and one the afternoon, oh the joy!!!
Anyhow more of that at the end of this post, first things first.
Our new challenge for the week is 'Here comes Summer' interpret this as you wish.  I thought summer = picnics and yes I have once again used a Lili of the Valley die-cut image, oh these are so speedy, all I did was cut it into a circle!
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It was Lillie's sports this morning, unfortunately I set the camera wrong so although it was continuous shooting it only saved the first few which were mostly in the distance!  Then when I had to leave early for work, leaving the camera with hubby he managed to take precisely 1 photo and Lillie wasn't even in it gggrrr.....!!!!!  Must train him better!!!
She did quite well coming 2nd in the sprint and 3rd in the relay (I think!) 
Hollie's sports were in the afternoon, so it was a mad dash from work to get to the school in time for the start, but I made it!
Hollie is our little athlete, and when packing her PE bag at the start of the week I asked her if her trainers were ok as her pink ones were on the rack, she said "oh they are my super fast running trainers I'll swap them" and fast they were lol!!  She got 4 x 1st places (sprint, later for school, sack, obsicle)and 1 x 3rd place bat and bean(which would most probably been another 1st had the false start been restarted ggrrrr..!) bless her half of them started half waited for the word GO to which she was one of them, but she soon caught up a managed a place, but a little disappointing none the less!
Here she is in action in the obsicle race!
proudly showing off 'some' of her stickers!!  They actually ran out of stickers can you believe!?! 
They should also get certificates once they get them printed up, that is if they don't run out of ink lol!!

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