Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Sad to see

I am a big fan of Jackass, I think the guys are mental to do the stunts they do, to put themselves through so much pain, but it's compelling viewing.  Especially as this is where I found my love for Bam Margera, and oh do I just love this guy, would like to re-model hubby but he won't have any more tattoo's lol!!
This is why the following video from Youtube breaks my heart when watching it, for Bam has just lost his bestest friend Ryan Dunn one of his Jackass bro's as well as being like a 'real bro' to him.  I've watched them both umpteen times together in all of the Jackass movies, the series's, Viva la Bam, Bam's Unholy Union where Ryan was one of Bam's groomsmen.  This week Ryan died in a car accident, in which it seems drink and speed were involved (which is oh so wrong on both counts), but still so sad.     ooppss can't figure out how to add the video never mind here's a piccie
 RIP Ryan Dunn and my heart breaks for Bam.

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