Sunday, 29 June 2008

No new makes

Other than my design team card for A Spoon Full of Sugar I haven't done any crafting this weekend. Yesterday I did my usual cake baking and painted a bit of the outside of the house, Matthew's friend came and helped in the the afternoon so we are now 3/4's painted!! It's looking quite nice, and the neighbours have commented on how nice the colour is (lemon) my choice of course!

We've had Matthew's mum and dad here for lunch, the weather was forecast as being nice so decided on a bbq and just as we were getting ready to set the table it started to spot with rain, so had to eat it inside, not quite the same I don't think! They've now gone so I've been having a catch up with blogs and forums that I regularly visit, I seem to have missed so much!

We had a lovely evening with Kay and Max on Friday when we went to the chinese, they thoroughly enjoyed the food. This time I came away feeling as if I had had enough without stuffing myself silly and feeling uncomfortable like we sometimes do!!

Lorraine has some lovely blog candy on offer here to celebrate her upcoming birthday, so why not drop by and pay her a visit.
Michelle also has some fab candy on offer here celebrating getting 10,000 hits on her blog, how fabulous!

I will leave you with a couple more pictures from Woburn Safari Park.
A 2 headed giraffe!!! Well nearly could have passed as one if the front leg of the back giraffe hadn't been visible! Still quite an amuzing piccie me thinks!and this stunning zebra, I just love their stripes and even how the stripes go right to the tips of it maine, so pretty!


kes said...

lovely pics Joanne, have enjoyed reading about your trips and meal, glad it went back soon to read more :)

Debbie said...

Fab Pics joanne