Sunday, 30 August 2009

Another trip to the beach

We visited Matthew's mum and dad on Friday and after lunch we risked the weather for a walk along Mundsley beach. It was pretty windy and when we got there a couple of ladies said they had been on a website and it was reported that there were supposed to be 5ft waves (we didn't see them though!).
In this picture the sky is nice and blue, but that didn't last for long! Lillie and daddy trying to find creatures!
The girls with nanny and grandad heading back towards the cars as there was a BIG grey cloud right over our heads!!! Matthew and I were a couple of minutes behind and just look at that sky!
We just made it up the hill to the car as the downpour started. It didn't last long but as the skies were pretty grey we headed back. Only to sit in the connservatory and it not to rain again for another hour, typical!
Well to my utterly disbelief and surprise my police check report came back yesterday, clear of course!! They said at least 4-6 weeks, it's been 1! So guess I will be starting work the same day as the girls start back to school, oh there go my crafting hours!!

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