Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Carnival piccies and a winners cup!

Yesterday was the first day of our town festival and kicked off with our annual carnival, this years theme is 'the circus'. Lillie and Hollie were asked if they would like to join one of the floats and they excitedly accepted (we were unsure if Lillie would be well enough to join in as she was ill on Saturday evening, but we put it down to her eating too much!! and she was fine yesterday!).
Whilst waiting for the procession to come through town there were some street entertainers, here is a rather tall clown posing for the camera!! I liked him as he told me I was looking stunning lol!!! this little chap kept us entertained with his one man band!
this fella made me crack up when he came past, what a fun idea, he was our town beauty queen and I think he looked stunning lol!!
My girls in their outfits ready to join the parade!Here is Hollie hanging onto the pole, apparantly they had to hang on tight at times as the lorry had to keep breaking re the traffic (obviously they were travelling at a snails pace but scarey for them none the less, especially after last week having a lady run over and killed by a lorry not too far away from where we live)
and here is Lillie posing as usual!!
and a winners cup for the 'best open float' although there weren't many to choose from, they made more effort than any of them and thoroughly deserved to win!

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Mel said...

love your pics
seems like a great day for you