Thursday, 29 July 2010

A date with royalty!!

As mentioned in my previous post yesterday we went to the Sandringham Flower Festival. Hubby won family tickets last week on the local radio, so we thought hell why not let's have a day out, the last time I went was about 9 years ago when my nephew was a baby, he's now 10!
Here is Hollie modelling her wings and new sunglasses!! Lillie and Hollie plus wings!
sitting patiently waiting for Prince Charles and Camilla, on the chairs we had bought them from a charity stall earlier! Notice there are not too many people standing around, that soon changed and became packed!
So here's Charlie boy, think he is shaking hubby's hand and asking him 'if he's looking after all of the ladies' that were standing around him! He shook my hand and saw our 'box on wheels' and said "I see you've got lots of goodies already, you've come very well prepared!".
and Camilla (oh I despise this woman, Diana was my idol!)
and they were followed by Dame Judy Dench.
Sandringham House, we sat on the lawn in front of the house and ate our picnic.
The girls on the entrance steps to the church where the photo's are always taken at christmas!
Hollie proudly showing off the candle that she rolled from bees wax!
All in all a good day out. We took the girls to the cinema to see Toy Story 3 after we left the show, have to take advantage of the orange 2for1 Wednesdays offer don't you!?! Enjoyed the film, it was quite sad towards the end. We ended our day out with a KFC then did our shopping in Tesco's and got home completely shattered 13hrs after we started out!


Julye said...

Looks like you all had fun and a very full day too.

Mel said...

oh how cool is that...not that I really like Charles or Camilla...but its still cool to mett them and even shake their hand