Tuesday, 27 July 2010

High Lodge fun

We took the girls to High Lodge on Sunday afternoon, it is a free park about 30-40mins from ours, there are I think it said 40 piecies of play equipment and cycle paths and walks all in the forrest.
Here are the girls on one of the climbing thingies!

and a pair of monkees (legs everywhere lol!!)Hollie enjoying a rest on a tyre whilst waiting for the other two to catch up!
posing with their dad lol!!! This wood carved ape is at the entrance to 'Go Ape' which is for bigger people, you have to pay to play in this part!!
Whilst we were eating our picnic a lady set up some music and encourage people to have a go at hoola hooping, of course the girls had to give it a go!
Here's Hollie it a 'ta da' kind of pose! not quite sure what she was doing but like the piccie anyway!
Lillie in full swing!
and all 3 girls in action!
We said we would go again, and may even be tempted to take the bikes, although I can't actually remember the last time I rode an actual bike other than an excercize one, and that was months ago!!

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