Saturday, 23 April 2011

A few Yorkshire holiday piccies

We arrived back home last night from 5 days in Yorkshire.  We had fabby weather, although we did have a nippy sea breeze each time we were at the coast.  I upgraded the caravan 5 days before we went and it was so worth it, the caravan was lovely, could sleep up to 8, the biggest plus was it had heating in all rooms, very handy considering it was bitterly cold in the evenings!!
We  usually use these 'sun' holidays as a base and go out each day spending very little time on site or in the clubs, but this year we thought we would do the opposite and spend more time at the site.  This however didn't happen! We were in the middle of nowhere, even the locals used the club!! We now realize we are pretty spoiled with our coastal spots!
We arrived too early to check in on Monday so we headed towards Bridlington as we had been told we could find a Morrisons there, we wanted to get a few bits and some petrol.  We saw a sign for the beach so decided to head there and have our pre packed picnic.  It was a lovely beach and the first time I had seen sea fog, it kind of looked a bit earie
the girls having fun drawing around daddy's shadow

Tuesday the girls were going to join in the activities, it said in the timetable 'are you a sporty spark, a crafty spark or a smarty spark' thinking all 3 would be on the girls were eager to do the crafting (like mum!).  Only to find out there was only the sports on which was rounders.  Not wanting to partake we headed for the play area
We then went into Hornsea, spent a while in an arcade and left!  So we thought we would try the club this night, but there was so much time waiting for the bingo, then the bingo and then only a couple of games and dances for the girls before it was break time and back to bingo!  So that was a one off!
Wednesday we headed for Flamingo Land which is a theme park/zoo combi, we really did have a lovely day and couldn't believe how un-crowded it was, no queues for rides at all. 
 of course there has to be a piccie of a meerkat!!
 Lillie and daddy on the monorail, I wasn't going to attempt this, I did on a trip to Gullivers and didn't think I was going to make it all the way round lol!!!
a quick piccie at Scarborough, before finding a fish and chip shop for tea!
Thursday the girls had more fun at the playground, then after lunch we headed back into Bridlington where we went for a sail on a 'pirate ship'!
 Hollie loved this boat with her name on it!
We rounded off the day with a visit to the cinema to watch Rio which we thought was really good.  Then back to camp to start packing!
Finished the packing in the morning, after breakfast and last checks that we hadn't left anything guess where we headed?  Yep back to Bridlington lol!!  We were going to go on a boat trip to see the puffins but sadly it had been cancelled due to fog which you could see as you followed the coastline.  So we did a bit of shopping, and money wasting in the arcades, finished off with a '99' with flake and fudge stick!!!!!!! 
and then it was time for home! 
and oh how nice it was to not have to put the heating on to be warm and to sleep in our king sized bed!!!

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Peanutnut said...

lovely photos, looks like you had a fab time :), I am heading for Brid on Wed so I hope you left me some sunshine :)