Thursday, 14 April 2011

A fun time at the farm

As mentioned in my previous post my youngest daughter and I were off to the farm to meet up with my friend and her son.  We had a really lovely time, I thought I would share a few piccies with you.
There was a easter egg hunt, where you had to find the eggs around the farm and write the colour that matched the no. on the form.  There was also a treasure hunt, where we had to find the clues and do certain things in the boxes on the sheet i.e. draw the farm logo!
Here is Hollie copying the logo! 
having a ride on one of the many tractors, my friends little boy would've spent all of his time on these, that or in the sandpit lol!
we saw many lambs, oh how I would love a dwarf lamb as a pet! 
we also saw piglets (and many other animals but won't bore you with the photo's) 
I think the highlight of the day was the pony ride!  Both Hollie and my friends son who is only 3 really loved it! 
 here she is showing off her prizes for completing both hunts
and finally a scenic piccie of the pond you pass heading towards and from the farm entrance, I just love how they are growing over the wall, so pretty!

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