Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy 'hoppy' Easter!

Happy or in the case of this post 'hoppy' easter everyone.
Sadly the weather seems to have turned slightly nippy today, still bright but the need of cardi's I think!
A couple of weeks ago I found a fabby blog where the lady made things with toilet roll inners!!  So here is one of my loo roll bunnies!
and 3 more of her family!! 
The girls gave these out to the family along with their easter cards.
I also made one about 3 times bigger out of a sheet of A4 rolled and cut, but it's a bit flimsy!
I also made up little easter packages of choccies and sweets for my friend's children.  I had been stock piling various easter bits since they first hit the shops! 
Have fun and try not too eat tooooo many choccies!!

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