Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Backtracking a couple of days!

I would've added this post yesterday but this blasted pc was sooooo........ slow that I ended up just shutting it down. It was driving me crazy!!
Firstly apologies for the AWFUL pictures, I am so fed up with taking dark pictures, I know the light is bad but boy it must be really bad in my house and I'm sure my camera is past it. I have my eye on a new camera and am determined to have it before I go on holiday, just need to make sure I have some spending money left!! You may be able to click on the pics to see them better?
I got the girls to each draw a picture of anything they liked on pre-cut paper that I had given them. Then I layered them up on coloured paper and adhered them to a z fold card that I had mad by sticking 2 square cards together.
Hollie (4) did the first pic. Lillie (6) the second pic. and Tia (nearly 9) the last. They made 2 of these, one each for their Nannie's.
I think they look rather good and something nice to keep!

Here are the cards my girls made me at school and nursery.
This is the card Hollie (4) made at nursery, a fab daffodil if ever I saw one, there was another one but I'm not sure where she has put it! She was so excited about it, I told her to hide it up as I didn't want to see it until Mother's Day and she did!This is Lillie's (6) card, some very pretty snowdrops!They also made a little gift, this is her first attempt at sewing!
Matthew had cooked me breakfast ready for when I got up, Lillie desperately wanted to help and bring it to me in bed, to be honest I'd rather sit at the table! We then went and had a look round the market/boot fair glad we did I got some crafty bargains for 50p each!!! We had a little while at home and then headed to my mum and dad's for a roast! My sis was there with her boys, it seems like we hadn't seen them for ages so it was nice to have a catch up and the girls to see their cousins.
Then home to watch Ray win dancing on ice, wow was he fabulous, the females usually fly better than the males but not this series, Donal was good but Ray was so elegant!


Karen said...

Hi Joanne,

These are all just gorgeous and so special when they are made by the kids. You must be so proud of them.

Have a great evening.

Karen x

** Isa ** said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaawwwww... Are Kids' cards the best... Such a precious thing to treasure. Lovely...

{BIG HUGS} to the "mini" crafters and Mum :op xxx

cats whiskers said...

Arn't these just fab dear well done to them they have a really crafty streak,
Hugs Jacqui x