Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Halloween fun - (a bit late!)

I thought I would share some halloween pictures, this first piccie is of the flower arrangement that my eldest daughter Lillie did! She will be 7 in January and loves going to flower arranging classes when she gets the chance! With it being half term last week she got that chance! My auntie runs the classes and all of the ladies love seeing Lillie and make a fuss of her, mum said one of the other ladies kept asking her what to do, she said "I only had to tell Lillie once and she did it pretty much on her own!" Not bad eh?Here is Lillie scooping out one of the pumpkins.
Here's Hollie doing another of the pumpkins.
Here they are with the plates they turned into pumpkins and the bags they made from a kit I bought them from Poundland.
Some of the scary buns I made! We wrapped individual buns for the trick or treaters, so they had the choice of a bun or sweets, they were quite a hit!!Here is Hollie in her halloween 'spider' outfit with the dummy they named Norm, he guarded the house whilst we were out!Lillie in her witches outfit.And finally, my hubby is rapidly losing his looks!!!!.........(not that he had many in the first place lol!!!).

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helen ... said...

oh, you kids are so adorable and funny ,=),
nice pcitures