Friday, 9 April 2010

The kitchen is taking shape!

Thought I would show you how the kitchen is coming along! This is what I have been coping with as my kitchen since Monday! Not easy working with teeny tiny bit of worktop either side of the sink, but I managed to cook our meals, do hubbys packing up and cook quiche, sausage rolls and cheese straws lol!!!This was what the kitchen used to look like, minus a couple of bits hubby had removed before I thought about taking a picture! It's hubby on the right cooking breakfast, his brother on the left.
and this is where we are at right now! We were up bright and early this morning as we were unsure when Matthews mum and dad were turning up. I wanted to make the 'first' cupboard, just something I wanted to do! So Matthew and I did it together, then I was off and whilst he was on the phone complaining (as we have one dodgey rusty mouldy back board to a cupboard) I had made another 3!! Another couple later and the in-laws had arrived and that was it I was redundant, just more complicated cupboards to make so I left Matthew and his dad to it!!
Hollie had an easter party to go to this afternoon, just a little gathering with a few of her friends during the holidays, it was a nice distraction and an excuse to get out of the way for a couple of hours! Hollie had a nice time, she won musical statues and came home with a bag full of piniata goodies and I had a nice time chatting with the mums, which other than polite hello's at school we've not really talked as such!


Becky said...

Oh wow Joanne! Your kitchen is going to look amazing once it's done, it's so BIG!! Ours is so pokey... we have a huge living room and then a tiny kitchen... it really narks me ha ha!!
So glad you had a good time at the party too, it's nice to have a chat with the other mums for a change...

Anonymous said...
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