Monday, 5 April 2010

So much chocolate!

Eddie Murphy's face looking out from the television just about sums it up "oh my goodness!". I laughed when I loaded this piccie onto the pc, so commical, I could never do it again, it really looks like he is looking at the table covered in eggs!!here's all 3 of them with their chocolate haul! They will be still eating it come christmas, well August bank holiday anyway!
It was touch and go as to whether the children would get to have their easter egg/sweet hunt yesterday because of the weather. We went to a couple of carboots in the morning and it was absolutely freezing, and the grey clouds were heading in fast just after lunch, but we managed to get it done. 1 packet of refreshers went astray, sis and the children went hunting and came back without them so I went out again with the children and found them, but they were pretty well hidden in a plant pot, we think they might have slipped a bit lol!!
I didn't get to take too many pictures this year, my eldest nephew goes a bit mad and grabs everything in sight so the rest of the children just trail around the garden finding what he's missed! Still they empty it all out and divvy it up once inside!
So here is Hollie in a somewhat staged pose!!
and I normally try to get a group photo of my girls with my nephews, here they are having a group hug!
I have an almost bare kitchen now, only 1 double cupboard under the sink with a strip of worktop on top! No tiles, and a few chunks out of the walls where the cupboards have been taken off! Can't wait until next weekend, hopefully this time next Monday all cupboards and the new worktops will be fitted!

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