Wednesday, 30 December 2009

A few christmas pics

I have been meaning to post a few christmas pictures on here, well, since christmas!! Tonight when I had a bit of time I am having lots of problems uploading my pictures and keep getting errors, so have only managed to get these 3 on here for now!
Here are Lillie and Hollie on our bed with their christmas sacks that santa left on their beds!They did very well waiting until about 8.30am to get up although Lillie did come in about 6 to tell us that santa had been and left them a sack on the end of their beds!! Which is surprising as she was a complete pain going to bed and didn't go to sleep until 11.40pm after being threatened that there was only 20 minutes left and santa hadn't been yet so they might not get any presents at all!!!!
Then on boxing day we had Matthews daughter join us for 3 days (oh joy!! nough said!) here is a picture of the girls just before bedtime. This will be the picture that will go on their thank you letters.
and here is a photo of the whole family! We had spent the morning bargain hunting in the sales (yes on boxing day!) and then went to my mum and dads for lunch and the rest of the day, along with my sister and her family and in the evening mums sisters, brother and their other halves all joined us to. We had a little photo shoot when we got home!! Surprisingly we got a couple of really nice pictures!
We are having a really nice time, hubby has been off work since Hollie's birthday last Wednesday and doesn't go back until Monday. We've been so busy, sale shopping and decorating!! Yes the girls have shared a bedroom up until now and we felt it was time they had their own rooms. So we went and had paint mixed up and yesterday Matthew and I painted a very bright pink room for Hollie, she has a disney princess themed room and she has moved in tonight!! Lillie is having a sleepover in Hollie's new room as we have painted her room today and the fumes are a bit strong. Her room is a bright pinky/purple and tomorrow when everything is put back in it's place will have a Hannah Montana theme!!
Tomorrow we are off to do a bit more shopping!! Trying to get some pinking sheers, as our next task is to make some bunting to decorate the hall with for the girls party in a couple of weeks time!


Sally said...

Fabulous pictures. I bet the girls are thrilled with their new rooms. Happy New Year.

Deb said...

love your pics! Happy New Year, hugs Debx