Friday, 18 December 2009

Snow and christingle pics

It started snowing here yesterday, we had a few tiny flakes when we came out of church after the christingle service, but it didn't start really snowing until tea time. Here is a picture of the girls just before our walk to school. There were 79 schools in our area but the girls school and the one I work at (although I am off) were still open!We've had quite a bit of snow on and off during the day, I took this picture of our table and chairs this afternoon! I had a call from the school saying they were officially closing at 1.15pm and that I could pick the girls up at anytime, I got my hat out of the car boot and shutting the boot knocked the build up of snow off, it is now re-covered and still lightly snowing,who knows what the morning will bring!
This picture is of my girls posing with their christingles in front of our christmas tree. I can never take a nice picture of the tree, you know with the lights nicely glowing which is a shame.
and my last picture is of Hollie with the table decoration that I helped her make at school. It had lost a few laurel leaves and a couple of silver stars by the time I picked her up, but I think she/we did an ok job with what we had to use!!
Take care in the snow.


Sally said...

Beautiful pictures. The snow looks so pretty.

LazyKay said...

Lovely pictures and the kids look SO happy.

Good wishes to you and yours!