Monday, 21 December 2009

We've been baking!

Weather permitting, my friend and her boys should be coming over for lunch tomorrow. So we thought we would do a little party buffet, we bought some bits from morrisons and today we made some scones, mince pies and I have chocolate brandy gnache chilling in the freezer ready to be turned into truffles just for us adults!! I will make chocolate covered honeycomb for the children in the morning!
When getting out the christmas decorations we found a couple of baking sets which I had bought as presents in the sales. Having since bought presents for the once recipients of the sets, I gave them to the girls as an early present, not that they behave enough to have really deserved them!
Here is Hollie mixing her fruit scones >and the results!
Here is Lillie mixing her cheese scones >
and the results!
They make far better scones than I do, for some reason mine usually turn out like biscuits!!


Craftyanny said...

Well I don;t know Joanne, they look like to little angels to me. I can't imagine either of them misbehaving.
Lovely girls! oh and those scones look a bit of alright too
Anne x

Allison said...

oooh they look yummy
have a wonderful Christmas Joanne