Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Lillie's nativity pics and ooppss I dinged the car!

Today was Lillie's classes nativity, here she is 2nd from the left. The song they were singing is called 'donkey plodding' and here they are doing the donkey ears!!here she is with daddy!
and a picture in her angel costume.
The play was better than we had thought, usually the angels (who are angels as there were no parts left) just join in the singing, but this time they did a bit on the stage! Last year they just sang carols and Lillie was stuck behind someone so we couldn't see her!
As I mentioned last night I dinged the car! Lillie had her ballet/tap exams we should be at the hall (20-25mins trip) an hour before exam time incase the examiner is running early SHE HAS NEVER RUN EARLY since we've been going! Anyway we get there almost ready to park the car and oh my god realize we have no ballet clothes, I asked Lillie to put them on but she insisted on changing when she got there! We then had to head home to pick them up. Once collected she quickly changed in the car. Only for me to hit the car in front of us in town, we hadn't even left our home town, this was certainly one delay I DIDN'T NEED!! After frantic phonecalls and swapped details I still proceeded to the exam. Lillie phoned her friend to tell her she would no way make the tap exam, but should be there in time for the ballet one. Yep she missed the tap exam and literally had time to have her hair done and shoes put on and she was downstairs lining up to go into the hall. The woman was running an HOUR EARLY!!! Still they came up the stairs saying "that was fun" which was good to hear! Shame it turned out to be one hellishly expensive exam. Ah well these things happen I guess, at least it was only a little bump and it could've been a lot worse. I think I have sprained my wrist from gripping onto the stearing wheel so tightly, it hurts to turn it a little bit too far either way, but it seems to have eased a bit as the day has gone on. I have been given the rest of the week off of work as I explained I wouldn't be able to do everything that I normally do and would be slower, and my boss was off sick so they said they would get cover in as they could do with someone who was 100% which is understandable with 3 busy days of dinners.
Well it now means I can go to the christingle service with Hollie and her class and also go in and help her make a christmas table decoration, allbeit lefthanded!!

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