Monday, 14 December 2009

My baby girls nativity

Yes it was Hollie's class nativity this morning, bless her she was a bit nervous and instead of chewing on her clothes which she does a lot (we get through cardigans like I don't know what!) she chewed her fingers instead! She was 'Angel Gabrielle' and had been practising her lines for days, but when you are on a stage in front of a hall full of parents and grandparents and a microphone thrust in your hand it's a bit daunting, so she needed a little prompting with her words, but she managed pretty well. I just couldn't get over how tall she looked on the stage! I honestly thought she was standing on something! Hopefully she will be tall like daddy and not short and chunky like me!
I thought I would share a few piccies of her with you.
Here she is doing her speaking part.My beautiful girl!!!
and one last piccie of her in her out-fit, how angelic (if only she were lol!!!)I can't believe my baby girl turns 5 next Wednesday, where does the time go?
We have Lillie's school play on Wednesday but she doesn't have a part as such, she is an angel, as are all of the rest of the class who didn't get a main role!!
We have to go for ballet and tap rehearsals tonight after school, as Lillie has a ballet exam tomorrow and also a tap rosette exam!! She's giving up tap after christmas, she doesn't seem to enjoy it as much as the ballet. It'll save us a few pennies if nothing else!


JanJay said...

Gorgeous pics of Hollie, she looks beautiful!

Thanks for your Christmas card


Jan xx

Sally said...

Gorgeous photos. Aren't they just the sweetest