Thursday, 4 June 2009

Legoland was super fun! (lots of piccies!)

We had the most wonderful weekend, our couple of days at Legoland Windsor were great. We couldn't have asked for better weather (well it could've been maybe a bit cooler!) it was so hot when we sat watching the live outdoor show that I thought my knee was going to spontaniously combust!!!
We were in shock on Monday our 1st day we queued and queued to get in and that was just to get onto the carpark, we had to park on the overflow of the overflow carpark and there were still cars flooding in. Luckily I had pre booked our tickets so we sailed straight past the queues and through the turnstyles. But how ever many thousands of people there were nowhere was ever that crowded which was good. It just meant some queues were quite long. It worked out that some of the schools had a inset day so everyone decided to turn up, aparantly the half term had been quite quiet! The park was open until 6pm (internet said 5pm) and then they ended up staying open until 7pm due to the fab weather and volume of people, they had also aparantly let too many people in!!
Here I am with Lillie and Hollie and the lego family!Lillie and Hollie with the lego mayor.
Lillie and Hollie with the Lego character, they also met the dragon and Bob the Builder! Here they are with the lego Bob and Wendy!and outside the Land of the Pharohs. Our 2nd day was even more brilliant than the 1st, as this time the children were back at school, as the saying goes 'what a difference a day makes'! We sailed straight onto the carpark, they were so empty!! Hardly any queues for rides, it was just great! We realised we had missed a whole area out so headed straight there, where there were 2 roller coasters an apprentice dragon and 'the' dragon' 1 go on the big one was enough for me and Lillie, Hollie went on it with her daddy 3 times!!! We caught all of the shows the 4D films which were brilliant. We ended our stay with 3 yes 3 goes on the river splash (tubs) I wanted to get soaked as with it being sooo... hot it didn't matter it was actually really nice, but it didn't matter wherever Matthew sat he got the soaking ggrrr..... you could literally wring the water out Lol!!

We also had a really lovely day on the Sunday, my cousin's daughter was being christened hence the visit to that part of the country. Oliver her son adored Lillie and Hollie, bless him he came down with chicken pox 3 days before so was a little under the weather but seemed to come to life with the girls! The weather was hot again so the children had a ball playing on the big pink fairy princess bouncy castle and running around the huge garden with their new found friends.
Here are Lillie and Hollie posing with Nannie and Grandad outside the church.posing again in the garden at the end of the day. and here we all are, can you believe I had my gorgeous 5"heeled black and white spotty shoes on until 5 minutes prior to this piccie being taken, I changed them into my flats just before we left, typical heh!


Camilla said...

Great pics! Looks like a lot of fun in Legoland!:)
And your girls are really cute!
Hugs, Camilla.

Becky said...

What fabtastic cards Joanne, you look like you had a great time! Your girls are so adorable!
I had to laugh at your shoe story, I always wear flat shoes, don't know how you manage to walk in 5" heels!!
Love Becky xx

Becky said...

Oh I put cards and I meant pics lol!!