Sunday, 28 October 2007

Friday not too long after my post sadness struck us once again, yes our baby 'Minime' passed away at tea time. Why did this happen, so many babies? I had been hand feeding it with formula milk and a syringe and it seemed to pick up after each feed, but this particular day when I went to get him for the lunchtime milk it was lying on it's side helplessy struggling, I took it out and in tears sat and held it thinking I would hold it until the end, I even got the girls to say goodbye to him and explained he was dying. Then it tried to get up and move about, so I fed as usual and it got back to it's feet. Was lying down again at next feed, but I put it back and it huddled up to the others, but sadly after tea when I checked he had gone, so so sad.
Yesterday we didn't do too much, well saying that I did do my baking, 12 sponges in total, all ready to be filled this morning ready for delivery. Other than that I made 3 gift cards which have a real pair of earrings that can be removed and worn as embellishments. I had seen the idea in a book, and we managed to find several pairs of earrings in various sales when we went shopping on Wednesday, I showed them to mum and Claire this morning and they thought they were really nice, so lets hope others do!
Oh and I also made these 2 little halloween baskets, to fill with sweety treats!!!
Today as mentioned above I filled the cakes, and after breakfast then baths, we headed of to deliver them before going into town to do a bit more shopping. I had reserved a interactive desk for Hollie for her birthday and wanted to collect it as I was unsure how long they would keep it for, plus it was easier having Matthew there to carry and pay for it of course!!! We also got Lillie a couple of Ratatouille games one for her leap pad and one for her v-smile they were on offer in Early Learner, and a lot cheaper than the game she wants for her ds-lite! We also ordered her a child proof pink digital camera it's quite pricey but she does have her birthday 3 weeks after christmas, I hope she's going to like it, we could end up with a budding David Bailey!!
Oh and I have been posing for photo's as I have been asked if I would like to appear in the new years resolution article in the Quick cards made Easy magazine, how exciting is that?! I have to send in a piccie of myself and some of my cards and a bit of a write up about my resolutions, I hope to get it sent in tomorrow if I have time, as I have company coming mid morning and don't know how long they will stay as I haven't seen them for ages.

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Angelswings_2 said...

Sorry to hear you have been hit by sad news again..

I think all your cards are fab, keep up the great work. Also well done on getting into the magazine again.