Wednesday, 17 October 2007

We have babies!!!!!
Since our sad episode with Treacle loosing all of her dear little babies, we have checked on Poppie a lot 'just in case'. So this morning when I came downstairs I peeked through the glass in the door and saw a little piggie just lying there and thought 'oh no not again please'. There was Poppie bless her heart with 4 gorgeous little piggies sadly no.5 didn't survive which is very surprising as it was a bigger 1? Up until today the babies Poppie has produced have been brown, but today we have 2 brown piggies with touches of white, and 2 brown and white piggies, one of which is the spitting image of it mummy! They are sooooo..... cute I can't help but keep going to look at them and smile at them all huddling together and climbing on each other. Treacle is alright with them, we had the other cage on stand by incase she was a bit off, but she's ok she keeps having a look at them and a couple of them follow her around sometimes!
Poor Lillie was a couple of minutes late to school with all the excitement she just wouldn't get dressed, then I had forgotten to make her pack-up, so I dropped that in on the way to playgroup.
Four beautiful little piggies
Proud mum with her new additionsShouldn't have favourites but these 2 are mine! Little one on the left is half the size of the biggest piggy, soooo..... cute!!Eating greens already and only 1 day old!Hollie hadn't been too well last night so I thought I had gotten away with not taking her, but this morning she said her tummy felt better and that she wanted to go. It was absolutely heaving, I had never seen so many mums and kids, we only stayed an hour, which was enough!
Hollie and I then picked mum and dad up and we went shopping, mum only wanted a picture frame as a present for a friend and I wanted a pair of trousers for Hollie as hers are too short. We ended up turfing Hollie out of the buggy to load it up with shopping, christmas presents!!! I also got Lillie a pair of school shoes as she has wrecked hers and also got the next size as they were in the sale.
As I mentioned on Monday I went to see Mcfly. We arrived just after 5 so we went to the pub for a drink before hand, and also had a nice meal. Just after 7pm we headed to the theatre and there was no queue, how weird, back in April the queue went on for miles (well sort of). We hadn't heard of the warm up band and they were absolutely crap! We saw Lil Chris in April and he was really good. Then the boys come on, we were a bit further back this time and on the other side so I don't think we could see them so well, and my pictures aren't at all good. But they were brilliant again and we danced and sang the whole time they were on. Not sure if I will go again for a while, have now seen them twice in 6 months. Maybe in a year or so and consider taking Lillie with us, as there were a lot of youngsters this time, also older people (well my sort of age that is!).

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