Friday, 19 October 2007

This morning Hollie and I stayed at school for a short presentation ceremony for the children. They were all given certificates of their achievements over the past seven weeks (I can't believe it's been that long). Lillie's said that she can recognize no.s up to 10 and some higher, 10 sight words and letters, she can retell a story, and has learnt to share, take turns and be brave at lunch-times. It was a nice little do, and they couldn't believe the amount of parents that turned up. Afterwards the children acted as the hosts/hostesses and gave out drinks and biscuits, bless them. Then off they went into their classroom, I stayed back to thank Lillie's teacher for helping sort her out at lunch-times she has been so much happier this week, as she has been sitting with the girls, her teacher said it was her pleasure, she adores Lillie. She had to dash off as she had filled up and was going to have a few tears, bless her. God there will be LOADS of tears when it comes to the children moving up a class next year!!
I have got my crafty mojo back these past couple of days, I made 10 cards yesterday and 5 today I will show them below.
The piggies are doing well, the littlest is getting stronger, I hope it survives it is sooooo..... cute, I took it and Poppie out to have some 'them' time and to hope that she would let it feed whilst they were alone but she wouldn't keep still enough, so I took the stronger 2 out and left the other 2 with her in the cage and I think it worked so maybe I will do this again tomorrow.
The following pictures are of cards I made yesterday.
This card I have sent my my sis and BIL as a belated wedding anniversary card, as it was actually last week, ooppss... and I was bridesmaid, tutut....!!! I love black, white and red together.Another of the same sort of style using my new PM insoirations paper, this card is scrummy!Simple but quite attractive, have started adding these flowers and ribbon a lot! Thought I'd better make a christmassy 1, using a Lili of the valley topper.Another simple but quite striking card.The following 2 are following Sue's template over on the Just Bex forum, I struggled at first and then really liked using this template, I love this card, I've cut a fabric pointestia flower in half and I just love those little gingerbread men!This 1 uses the freebie flower and decorative ribbon/wire, I added glitter to the edges of the flower and ended up with it everywhere!!2 very simple and quick cardsA gate fold card here, folded at the side instead of in the middle, 1st one I've done like this, I punched a couple of holes on either side and tied it with an organza bow. I'm not sure if it looks finished yet or if it needs more?!?I will add todays cards tomorrow to save you from getting too bored!!

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