Thursday, 4 October 2007

I could not believe it this morning, as we walked round to the school gate I could see Lillie's teacher holding a blue cardigan. Yes it was Lillie's yeah... she had left it with the 3 bears, the reading area where they are doing 'golilocks' but she had looked for her coat to no avail, she said she had left a note over the big site and hoped they would come accross it. I couldn't believe my eyes when during line up time I saw a mum talking to the teacher passing her a pink coat, yep it was Lillie's, I guess her little girl liked the look of a pink barbie coat, or maybe she has 1 to. How lucky was that? Needless to say I have got mum to order another cardigan, a couple of their budget sweetshirts and some long sleeve polo shirts (for the cold weather) all from m&s as mum gets discount!I am rather disappointed that neither of my parcels arrived this morning, I was told be imag-e-nation that it would go in the post yesterday so as not to be affected by the postal strikes, but no show.
I have been cutting more bits for my card packs, they are coming together nicely. Even managed to get this card made, idea came from this months freebie card idea book with the Crafts Beautiful mag.
I have kept it flat as they did in the book, but I may try another raising some of the parcels up on pads.
As promised here is Hollie's masterpiece fish that she made at playgroup yesterday, mummy helped a little bit with adding a few more colours otherwise it would've been a bit green! Lisa a friend who runs the group said I could make 1 of my own if I really really wanted to, but I was happy enough adding to Hollie's LOL.

We had a visit from Nicola, Keith and their daughter Jadyn, along with Auntie Angie, Uncle Peter and cousin Marie. Nicola met Keith via the internet and they are now happily married with Jadyn she is 3 weeks older than Hollie and is head and shoulders over her! They are only here for a week so today was visiting day, they said Jadyn had kept asking when she was going to see the girls, bless her. She had a lovely time playing with of of the toys. We couldn't believe that it had been 18 months since they last played together, how time flies.


Angelswings_2 said...

Love the fish!!

lindschick said...

Great fish, nice joint effort.