Saturday, 20 October 2007

Well today has been touched with sadness once again, our dear sweet little 'Diddie' guinnea pig passed away this morning. He was born the runt of the litter, and was quite weak, the others used to climb on it and I guess the little dear didn't stand a chance a feeding time. I took him out with Poppie yesterday in the hope that she would take notice of it, but didn't really get anywhere, and I did the same again this morning, even putting her titty near it's little mouth but nothing, I guess it was too weak.
Matthew's mum and dad came round this morning and we showed them the babies and I couldn't find 'Diddie' then I did, lying helpless underneath the hay right beside the cereal both, I knew it wouldn't be long, so kept an eye on it. And saw Treacle sniffy round it, then pick it up, as I watched she looked like she was chewing it's ear so I stopped her but she started again, by this time it had passed away bless it so I removed it from the cage. So sad, it was such a sweet little thing.
Other than that we went shopping this afternoon, nothing exciting mainly groceries and a couple of storage boxes for my cards.
The girls had Md's for tea and we got fish and chips from Matthew's friends chippie, he always gives us loads! He came out to the car as he had never seen Matthew's eldest daughter (most of the time I wish I didn't, ooppss..!). He phoned a while ago and said he thinks the girls are fabulous and would like to invite us all round for Sunday lunch one weekend uugghh.., and has put an order in for one of my cakes next week!
Well that's about it, here are piccies of yesterday's cards,

This one I made today, for the 'blooms' challenge on JB they are having a challenge weekend, last time I looked they were up to no.8 so far I have managed 2!!!

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Angelswings_2 said...

Your cards are stunning as always. Lovely work. So sad to hear about your loss... I do hope the other babies are ok.