Monday, 29 October 2007

Oooppss... we were late to school this morning, only just!!! The bell rang as we were walking along the front fence, so we had to walk a little faster and Lillie just made the end of the line! We got up in good time as well and seemed to have time to kill.
Charlene and the boys came to visit at lunch time, it was good to have a catch up, and hear all about the messy breakup of her marriage and new/old romance (she is now back with her ex before the husband!), I hope this time things work out he sounds like a decent level headed chap.
We had to dash back up the school to pick Lillie up as just as Charlene was about to leave Ben needed his nappy changing!! Poor Lillie was the last one there but knew we wouldn't have forgotten her!! I then had a thought as to why we were late both times, Matthew changed the clock back an hour yesterday morning and must have took 5 minutes off to, yep checked the clock on the pc and our clock was 5 minutes slow, men heh!!! She had a good 1st day back.
I made these 2 cards when I had a spare few minutes, this seems to be a favourite style of mine, but it's so versatile! The pictures are actually 3d stickers I got from Poundland, I just love them!

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